Construction Career Path

Foreman: 4-10 years


  • What does a foreman do? (With duties and requirements) | UK
  • $19.46 - $54.46
  • A foreman is a skilled worker in the construction industry who acts as the liaison between construction workers and supervisors. Some of the main duties of a foreman include:
    • Coordinating tasks for the day
    • Creating schedules for workers
    • Overseeing quality of the site
    • Managing the budget
    • Reporting the progress of the project to superiors. Foremen adhere to blueprints, inspect ongoing work, and monitor compliance with safety regulations. They are responsible for maintaining safety standards, managing orders and deliveries and organizing on-site logistics.


  • High school diploma or GED
  • Reliable transportation


  • CCAC
  • On the job training
  • Associate degree



Build Your Construction Career Path - For the Future

Going on a construction career path has many lanes that all intersect at some point. Your journey can start anywhere at anytime and this is a representation on what that would look like along with the proper steps to succeed on your path.

There are three paths; Apprentice Path (in green), High School/Technology Path (in rust), and the College Path (in blue). You can cross back and forth and explore different career options which could lead you to become the CEO or owner of a company.

Click on any of the colored buttons below to learn more about each opportunity. For a detailed visual of the chart, click here.

Apprenticeship Path


Skilled Trades
Master Craftsperson

High School/Tech Path
High School

Community College

Administrative Support
Technical Support
Office Manager

Project Manager
Senior Management
Vice President

CFO, COO, CEO, Owner
College Path


Construction Manager
Civil Engineer

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